9u Baseball League Information

The 9u division is designed for children 7-9 years of age. This league builds on the skills your child has learned in 6u. The division is coach pitch. Teams usually practice twice per week during the month of March. The season will begin around the first or second week of April. The 9u division will play two games per week. One game will be played during the week, and the second game of the week will be played on a Saturday. They will typically play a 12-14 game schedule (depending on the number of teams).


*If you have a 9-year-old and you think that they are ready for kid pitch, they may play 12u. Before the decision is made, your child will also need to come to the 12u evaluations. This will allow the directors to determine if your child is ready to move on to kid pitch.


In 9u the children are placed on a team through a draft. There will be an evaluation date in late February where all of the coaches will assess your child’s skill level. Your child will hit some pitches, catch ground balls and fly balls during the evaluation. It is a very quick process. Please express to your child that this is a very informal evaluation and they should not be “uptight” about evaluations. Every child will be placed on a team.


In order for your child to be prepared for this league, they need a glove, cleats, and a batting helmet. You may purchase a bat for your child, but it is not required.